What is a balustrade?

Answer: A balustrade is a row of vertical pieces of timber or steel (Called balusters) that hold up the handrail. (See photo)

What is a balustrade Balustrade

What is a diminishing balustrade?

Answer: A diminishing balustrade is where a stair handrail hits the underside of the ceiling and levels off and the balusters get shorter. (See photo)

Diminishing Balustrade

What is a cut stringer?

Answer: A cut stringer is where the stringer is cut in a saw tooth shape and the end of the tread overhangs the stringer. (See photo)


What is a closed stringer?

Answer: A closed stringer is where the treads & risers are housed into stringer and are glued and wedged in. The stringer protrudes above the treads. (See photo)

Closed Stringer

What is an open tread stair?

Answer: An open tread stair is where there are no risers installed between the treads so you can see through between them. (See photo)

Open Tread

What is a closed tread stair?

Answer: A closed tread stair is where risers are fitted vertically between the treads to close gap so you can't see between them. (See photo)


What is a Newel Post?

A Newel post is an upright post which supports the handrail and stringers of a staircase. It is used to change direction/angle of stairs and balustrades. Although its primary purpose is structural, Newels have long been adorned with decorative trim and design with different architectural styles. They are much bigger in size than the individual balusters. (See Photo)


Do you provide staining or varnishing to product?

Answer: No we supply stairs and balustrade in a raw timber sanded state ready for client to coat.


Do you provide to the country?

Answer: Yes, we can supply and install or supply only stairs ex our factory for you to install yourselves.